4 Questions for Zen Master Ginny Whitelaw about her mind-blowing new book, Resonate

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Q: Why this book, Resonate, and why now?

Q: We don’t often hear “NASA scientist” and “Zen Master” in the same bio. What were the major twists and turns in your life that took you from one to the other?

Ginny discusses how aikido and Zen training affected her resonance.

Q: Change-makers have a keen sense that the way we plan for the future isn’t cutting it; they are aching for a better way. If you were sitting across from a reader what would you say to them, her, or him?

Ginny demonstrates a bell that resonates, and doesn’t. How can we develop our resonance?

Q: You just mentioned that people feel disconnected. Last fall I completed Otto Scharmer’s uLab. His first lecture is about how we are cut off from nature, cut off from others, and cut off from ourselves. Can you speak to this?

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Passionate about better futures. Futurist, economist, Zen priest. This is where I workshop my ideas. Also: http://eepurl.com/cWJno9 and rebeccaryan.com.

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